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Art - One Beautiful Thing - Louise Brook

Abstract  artist and Jewellery designer 

Louise  is a self taught artist, developed by a passion to create beautiful things. Founder and owner of Onebeautifulthing. Believer in dreams don't work unless you do. Loves laughter, sunny days and exploring the world! 

I’m a wife, mum of two gorgeous boys and a self taught artist with an obsession with how colour can transform dull into a statement piece.

I had been a nurse for 12 years and on maternity leave and was ready for a change. It all happened out of the blue, I was frustrated with the lack of interesting furniture available in Adelaide and stumbled across chalk paint. A paint that you could put straight onto furniture with no priming. I attended a day course, learning the basics and painted a pair of bedside tables. Thrilled with the result I put them on eBay and sold them within 24hours. That was it, I was addicted. 

Not knowing where to start with building a business I made mistakes. Spending money on fancy business cards only to waste them dropping them into letter boxes, hiring a stall at a local market, with everyone buying their fruit and veg and wondering what I was doing there with all this bright furniture. I even did a lay-by option, my home became full of furniture with people extended the payment plan and then cancelling. Donating to many things for free, scared to say no. I was spending more then I was making, this dream was not going anywhere. I had no identity and stumbled for words when asked what i did, I had no confidence in my skill. I posted very little on social media and little understanding on how to manage these sites.

I followed Helen on instagram and saw a post about helping with social medial and developing your business, this was perfect!  I had a meeting with Helen and straight away felt very comfortable discussing all the concerns I had about where my business was going. We talked about having a short paragraph about what I did and what my business was about so I had an identity. I also learnt about the wonderful world of social media and what a important part it has in running a business. I was full of new enthusiasm, I had a plan to follow. 

I believed in myself and became confident to say I'm a artist and creator of beautiful things. I built up a beautiful website, large Facebook business page with now 7500 followers. I post frequently, sharing styled photographs on Instagram, my followers increased greatly. I went from 800 to know 3500. I keep up excellent communication with customs and in return they often shop again.  I also started selling pieces for a price that values my worth and offering custom work, my dream was coming true. People were becoming more aware of my business and it was becoming successful. 

I learnt not seeing competition as the enemy. Supporting each other and sharing ideas, you build a creative community, a friend to chat to on Instagram when you're still up painting at 1am

One of the most important things we discussed was how  to switch off business mode and have full attention on your family and self.  Do things you enjoy, look after yourself, take a break and you will keep your passion for your business… your creative juices will flow.

Developing Onebeautifuthing has been a steep learning curve, but  knowing how you would like to develop your business and having a plan in place makes it very enjoyable and I have loved every minute. 

I really have to pinch myself, it’s amazing to have built up my small business from scratch. Selling a piece of artwork or jewellery that you have created and seeing them being loved is a dream come true!